About Us

Passport is a team of experts dedicated to one thing: helping you stand out.

Our Story

It's you against the test. That attitude was what drew Rob to helping students overcome their anxiety and conquer the SAT, MCAT, and other exams over a decade-long career in test preparation.

Over time, Rob's students began to ask his help with their personal statements. As word got out, Rob's boss kicked him out of his tutor/trainer job (lovingly, of course), and thus in 2007, Passport Admissions was born.

Over the past 14+ years, Passport has become a team of educators, growing almost exclusively through word of mouth as a company that always does right by our students. It's not just you against the test now; it's you against the essays, the interviews, and the admissions process. And Passport will be there for our students every step of the way.

Our Guiding Principles

Experience Matters.

Other advising companies often employ folks with little experience. Often their only credential is their degree: they got in and graduated (good for them!), but how can they know what worked for them will work for you?

Everyone at Passport has years (or even decades) of experience mentoring students. We've seen what works for thousands of students, which is why we can be so confident that we can help you too.

Our Experience and Tools Help Our Students Stand Out... and Get In

We REALLY get to know our students: what motivates them, their strengths and weaknesses, the role they play in their family, and most of all, their dreams and aspirations. We then help them craft an application that makes those qualities shine through. It's never a one-size-fits-all approach, because each student is unique.

We Don't Work with Just Anyone.

When we're a great fit with a student, something magical happens. When we're a great fit, we don't just edit essays; we help our students become better writers. When we're a great fit, we don't just connect about applications; we help our students learn and grow. So it's no surprise that our "great fit" students get in at an incredibly high rate.

We're a small company, so we can't work with everyone. As a result, we want every student we work with to be a great fit, which is why we offer free hour-long introductory meetings so we can interview you and see if we're a fit to work together.

We Stand By Our Students No Matter What Happens.

Admissions can be unpredictable, but working with Passport is anything but. All of our packages come with a "Get In Guarantee," a claim that few (any?) other companies can make. And that's because once we commit to helping our students get in, we do everything in our power to see them achieve their dreams.

We Want to Make Admissions Better for Everyone

For our clients, we hope to make the admissions process a period of self-discovery and personal growth (and to help you get in, naturally). For the community, we provide free resources - speaking engagements, admissions tools, online classes, just to name a few - to help make the admissions process less opaque. And for students with financial limitations, we offer multiple scholarships each year to worthy students because we know that not everyone can afford to work with us. We believe that the best way to make a difference in the admissions world is by working within the system to improve it.


Not everyone can afford our services, so each year we grant need-based scholarships to ambitious students who have demonstrated the ability to succeed in college, graduate school, or medical school.

The winner(s) of each scholarship will receive an advising package tailored to their needs.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and each application is reviewed individually.

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