Match, Guaranteed.*

Match, Guaranteed.*
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After 15+ years and thousands of applicants, we know what works and what doesn't, and we're able to help our students learn to articulate what makes them unique and help them get in above and beyond where their stats may predict.

Passport Admissions
Passport Admissions

Our Method

Meet with us

What Are My Chances?

We'll talk about your goals, your stats, and what you need to do to get in.


Strategy Session and Timeline

A great application starts with a great strategy, followed by breaking down what you need to do week by week.


School Selection

We go beyond grades and test scores to help you choose a list of schools that match your goals and fit your preferences.


Essays - From Start to Finish

We help you tell your story as well as possible, from brainstorming through the final read.


Mock Admissions Committee

Our mock admissions committee will give you honest feedback about your final product before you submit the real application.


Interview Prep

Our mock interviews closely mimic interview day, whether that's a traditional interview, MMI, panel interview, or any other type.

Personal Check-Ins

You're not just a number; we send you encouragement, check in often to make sure you're on track, and celebrate when you finally get in.

Select Residency Programs Where Our Students Have Matched

Arrowhead Family Regional in Colton - Family Medicine
Baystate Health - Pediatrics
Brandon Regional Hospital - Emergency Medicine
Brooklyn Hospital for Children - Pediatrics
Duke University - Neurosurgery
Eisenhower Health - Emergency Medicine
Rady Children's Hospital - Pediatrics
Rush University - Family Medicine
Santa Clara Valley - Internal Medicine
Stanford University - Anesthesiology
UC Irvine School of Medicine - Interventional Radiology
UC Irvine School of Medicine - Interventional Radiology
UC Riverside School of Medicine / Riverside University Health System - Family Medicine
UC San Diego School of Medicine - Internal Medicine
University of Colorado - Psychiatry
University of Washington School of Medicine - Anesthesiology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center - Anesthesiology
WellSpan York Hospital - General Surgery
Yale University - Pathology

Residency Advisors

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Our Residency Services vs. Other Companies


Other companies

Advisor Experience
12 years
Application reviewed by someone with experience working in admissions
Number of Students we work with
30 per year
Not listed
Hour-Long Introductory Call with Your Advisor
15-30 minutes only (usually with sales rep)
Get In Guarantee*
No guarantee / restrictive guarantee

Pricing: Residency Admissions





Personal Advisor with years of residency experience
Personal Editor to brainstorm, revise, and perfect your essays
Strategy and Detailed Timeline
Advising hours and email communication
Statement of Purpose Revisions
CV / Experiences Revisions
Specialty Selection
Rank List Strategy
ERAS Application Support
Program Communication
Realistic Mock Interviews
Get-In Guarantee
Interest-Free Payment Plans
Total Hours
Until you match
4 hours
Until you match
3 hours
*The revisions listed here are averages, not limits. We craft our sessions to fit your unique writing abilities and make progress as efficiently as possible. We do track total time used, but our packages include more than enough to help you produce compelling and unique application essays.

Services: Residency Admissions

Additional Advising or Interviewing - Residency

May add additional advising hours for $250 each (may not be purchased as a stand-alone)
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Editing Hours

Need additional time? Add editing hours to supplement your custom plan
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Interview 3-Pack - Residency

Meetings with an interview expert including 1 strategy session and 2 mock interviews
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Final Application Review - Residency

Review of your final application materials, statement of purpose (1000 words) and resume
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Advising Topics - Residency

Covers topics from helping you stay organized, letters of rec, personalized timeline, and Q&A
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Resume/CV Editing - Residency

Cover the do's/don'ts and tailor your resume for specific programs
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Statement Of Purpose - Residency

Brainstorm, outline, draft, and polish your statement of purpose (up to 1000 words).
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Strategy Session - Residency

Personalized list of strategies to help you get in. *Required for all services except interview prep.
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Residency FAQs

Who will be my advisor?

Picture this: you walk into the operating room and your surgeon tells you it's her first operation. You wouldn't be thrilled about that, would you? At Passport, we believe in the value of experience in helping students achieve their goals. Our senior advisors have worked in admissions advising for an average of 16 years. Our junior advisors have worked in admissions advising for an average of 5 years.

What's your guarantee?

Our guarantee is that if for any reason you don't match, we work with you to scramble and/or apply again for free. How much help we give for free depends on: 1) what services we determine you need in order to get in this next time, 2) which package you purchased from us originally, and 3) whether you followed our advice the first time you applied. Our goal with these conditions is NOT to prevent students from getting our guarantee (unlike many of the companies we hear about), but it's to make sure that the plan we put in place is going to work to help you scramble or get you in the following cycle.

When should I get started with Passport?

It's never too early (well, okay, we know some parents get admissions consulting for their toddlers, so yeah, there is such a thing as TOO EARLY). But seriously, it can't hurt to meet us and ask that question. We would rather tell you to wait a year or two before working with us than to have you sign up too late and for us not to have enough time to make a difference with you.

When do most students sign up?

About six months before they apply to residency.

How do you help me pick schools?

Passport's personalized school selection process is more than just GPA and test scores. It's about understanding a fit between your preferences and personality and the schools and programs to which you're applying. Though we've collected gobs of data on the various programs we help our students apply to, we help you choose schools by understanding your hopes and aspirations and finding a range of programs that match.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! It doesn't make sense to us to pay for something up front if you're going to use it over several months or even years. We will even waive the interest if you enroll within two week of your intro meeting!

How many students do you take on?

We deliberately limit the number of students we work with so that: a) we can deliver better service, and b) so we don't get too busy during the busiest times of the admissions calendar.

Who is a good fit to work with Passport?

Admissions consulting is like coaching: you have to listen to the coach in order to improve and achieve your goals. So we at Passport are fundamentally looking for people who will follow our advice and give their all to achieving their goals. We believe that at its best, the admissions process is a journey of self-discovery. We love to help students who see it the same way. You don't have to be thrilled about writing essays to work with Passport, but you have to be willing to put in the work. At the end of the day, we're looking for students who trust us: to have your best interest at heart, to guide you to the best of our ability, to give you honest feedback that will help you improve. And in the end, we want what you want: for you to get in to the school(s) of your dreams.

How does essay editing work?

At most admissions companies, you never meet your editor. You send them your work and a few days later you get to try to decipher their comments on your document. Rinse, repeat. At Passport, we believe in helping our students become better writers. That starts with live sessions with editors so that they can: a) teach the art of better writing b) preserve the student's voice, and c) understand the student's ideas in full, to edit both the meaning and the grammar. And sure, in a pinch, we also edit for grammar asynchronously. But by that point, you already know your editor well.

How often do we meet?

We meet as often as we need. For our students who are right up against an application deadline, we might meet two to three times per week. For our longer-term students, we might only meet once per month.