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I now have confidence that I submitted the best applications I could.
Riley - Future MD Student
"Sam and Ryan were amazing to work with during my application cycle...Sam's ability to break down complex tasks into achievable steps gave me the confidence I needed to move forward... Ryan's patience and understanding were crucial during moments of self-doubt, and his ability to elevate my writing made a significant difference...Without Sam and Ryan, I would not have gotten into medical school. Their expertise, support, and dedication were instrumental in my success."
I worked with the best duo of Lyn and Ryan, and I cannot imagine any other formidable team out there! My application cycle was way more successful than I anticipated, cumulatively I received over 10 interviews which translated to 9 acceptances.
Seth Mukweyi
I got 4 interview invites from medical schools and was accepted to all 4 thanks to Passport Admissions! This was my third year applying and I was desperate. Passport and its great advisors provided the structure, expertise, and support I needed to finally reach my goal.
Eric Hughes
My daughter did receive a acceptances to all of the colleges she applied to and received honors invitations and scholarships to several of the schools. I don’t believe that would have happened without Rob. Best money I have spent for my daughter's college selection!
Parent of Future College Student
The warmth and unwavering support of my Passport family changed everything, as they deepened the depth and breadth of my application.
Anna - Future Medical Student
I highly recommend (and have recommended) Passport to those who are looking for specific, individualized help on the particularly daunting task of applying to medical school; they truly are the experts.
Future Medical Student

The Passport Community

Passport has launched its brand new online community for students of all backgrounds, where they can learn how to elevate their academic, professional, and social skills on their journey towards higher learning. By offering resources, videos, articles, assignments, courses, and engagement with experts, we focus on helping students stand out and gain a competitive edge for their admissions process or careers.

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Preview of "Unlearning Bad Writing Habits"

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Preview of "Radical Response to Rejection"

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