Mara Cobb

Mara Cobb

B.A. Indiana University East
Medical School
Pre-Med Advising
Years of Experience

Mara Cobb is an English major pursuing a Master’s degree from Indiana University East (IUE). Born and raised in rural Kentucky, Mara has always enjoyed traveling to new countries and meeting people from all over the world by simply picking up a book. After she won her first writing contest—a Writer’s Digest youth competition—at age nine, her love for all things reading and writing blossomed. To date, Mara has nearly 40 publications in various newspapers, educational blogs, and magazines.

In 2019, Mara earned her B.A. in English, Professional, and Technical Writing from IUE. She has spent the past three years serving as a genre editor for the IUE literary journal, Tributaries. In that role, she has read and copyedited nearly 200 poems, fiction stories, and narrative essays. Mara is also a current member of the English honor society Sigma Tau Delta.

Mara has experience working with students as an ELA tutor and as an essay specialist. She has worked with over 125 students from preschoolers to adults returning to college. “I love meeting new people and working with students,” Mara says. She adds that, “One of my favorite things is reading a student’s final draft of an essay, then going back and reading the first draft. It’s incredible to see the changes that occur throughout the editing process.”

In her free time, Mara enjoys reading classic novels, dystopian books, and YA contemporary romance. She also likes writing, baking, and playing the piano. Finally, Mara loves spending time outdoors with the dogs, cats, goats, chickens, and horses on her family’s farm.