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Getting good advice about how to pay for college or grad school is tough.  Most financial planners lack the expertise to navigate the intricacies of the admissions and financial aid process.  Other advice comes from the loan peddlers.  So who can you trust for personalized advice? Financial planning at Passport helps students and families figure out how much they’ll need to pay and the right way to pay for it (what combination of loans versus other assets to use). Small choices can make a big difference in the amount you save toward your financial future.

Our Method

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We’ll talk about your plan to pay for school, where you’re stuck, and whether we can help.  Free!

Focusing the Lens

Next we gather information about you and your finances so we can know where to look for strategies for paying.

Personalized Financial Plan

You will receive a written report detailing the most relevant strategies that optimize your debt and financial future.

Implementation Sessions

One-on-one check-ins help get you unstuck, hold you accountable, and implement the plan.

Financial Aid Results

It’s called PERSONAL finance for a reason.  Every family is unique in their challenges in paying for graduate school, so we will tailor our advice to what can help you save the most money and align your spending with your life.


  • Create a personalized plan to optimize your finances while paying for the largest expenditure of your life to date
  • Make sure you don’t miss opportunities to save money and get your future on the right track
  • Know what you need to do to qualify for aid
  • Hold yourself accountable for making a plan and sticking to it

Financial Aid Advisors

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Pricing: Financial Aid Services


Personal financial planner with 10+ years of experience
Written financial plan with personalized strategies
Timeline of what to do, when to apply
Normal Price
Price for first 10 students (BETA price only)

Services: Residency Admissions

Additional Advising or Interviewing - Residency

May add additional advising hours for $250 each (may not be purchased as a stand-alone)
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Editing Hours

Need additional time? Add editing hours to supplement your custom plan
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Interview Prep 3-Pack - Residency

Meetings with an interview expert including 1 strategy session and 2 mock interviews
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Final Application Review - Residency

Review of your final application materials, statement of purpose (1000 words) and resume
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Advising Topics - Residency

Covers topics from helping you stay organized, letters of rec, personalized timeline, and Q&A
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Resume/CV Editing - Residency

Cover the do's/don'ts and tailor your resume for specific programs
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Statement Of Purpose - Residency

Brainstorm, outline, draft, and polish your statement of purpose (up to 1000 words).
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Strategy Session - Residency

Personalized list of strategies to help you get in. *Required for all services except interview prep.
Junior Advice
Senior Advice

Financial Aid Resources

7 Common Mistakes When Paying for Grad School

Financial Aid FAQs

Who will be my advisor?

Picture this: you walk into the operating room and your surgeon tells you it's her first operation. You wouldn't be thrilled about that, would you? At Passport, we believe in the value of experience in helping students achieve their goals. Our senior advisors have worked in admissions advising for an average of 16 years. Our junior advisors have worked in admissions advising for an average of 5 years.

When should I get started with Passport?

It's never too early (well, okay, we know some parents get admissions consulting for their toddlers, so yeah, there is such a thing as TOO EARLY). But seriously, it can't hurt to meet us and ask that question. We would rather tell you to wait a year or two before working with us than to have you sign up too late and for us not to have enough time to make a difference with you.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! It doesn't make sense to us to pay for something up front if you're going to use it over several months or even years. We will even waive the interest if you enroll within two week of your intro meeting!

How many students do you take on?

We deliberately limit the number of students we work with so that: a) we can deliver better service, and b) so we don't get too busy during the busiest times of the admissions calendar.

How often do we meet?

We meet as often as we need. For our students who are right up against an application deadline, we might meet two to three times per week. For our longer-term students, we might only meet once per month.