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So what are you waiting for? Refer your friends and family today!

Free Hour of Consulting

$250 Value

Gift Card


Donation To Charity of your choice


Good news!
For every friend who signs up with Passport*, you EACH get one of the above. There's no limit; refer as many people as you want, get as many rewards as you'd like!

Applies to ALL Passport Programs
Know someone who needs help applying to college? Grad school? Residency? Medical School? We have experts in all of those areas and then some.

Coupon Code - GIVEANHOUR

When your friend signs up for their free “What Are My Chances" meeting, they should enter the code, “GIVEANHOUR” (and then put your name in “who referred you”) so that we know they were referred to this program.

So what are you waiting for? Refer your friends and family today!

*There are a few conditions:

  1. Applies to new students only enrolling after March 12, 2021 (not to students you already referred, sorry).
  2. When they enroll, the new student must tell us who referred them (there are several places where we ask).
  3. The $100 and one hour are for our Ultimate Package or higher. New Custom Package students get $50 or 30 minutes.
  4. This referral program does not apply for referred students who apply for a scholarship for working with Passport.
  5. You do NOT need to be a current Passport student to refer people to Passport.
  6. Only one promotion per enrolled student (two different people can’t get credit...maybe you could split the gift? Also, if there are any other promotions, you’ll have to pick your favorite, which is probably this one).