Paige Mushaw

Paige Mushaw

M.F.A. Southern New Hampshire University
Medical School
Years of Experience

You know those blurbs about shows and movies you see on your cable TV’s preview channel? You can thank Paige Mushaw for some of those. In 2016, Paige found herself working full-time as an editor at a metadata company, where she wrote those episode descriptions.

Paige was born and raised in Saratoga County, New York, and received a Bachelor’s in Economics from Skidmore College before pivoting and earning her MFA in Writing from the Mountainview MFA program at Southern New Hampshire University while working as a children’s bookseller at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs.

While working for the metadata company, she also held an internship with a literary agency while pursuing her MFA at the same time. That was when she decided to leave upstate New York and move to Alexandria, Virginia. She missed writing about books and became a bookseller once again at East City Bookshop in Washington, D.C. and eventually moved to New York City to pursue a publishing career.

After learning that the five boroughs were not her style, she moved to Boston, where she currently works in publishing. Working in Sales rather than Editorial, she was eager to an avenue to help others hone their writing. Enter Passport Admissions: the perfect opportunity to combine every part of her educational experiences that she enjoyed.

In her free time, Paige likes to read, paint, drive, and spend time with her pets (two cats, one dog). She has far too many houseplants.