Crafting a Med School Resume: It’s Not Wall Street

Rob Humbracht

Applying to medical school? Your resume shouldn’t look like it’s ready to hit the trading floor.

In their recent discussion, Rob Humbracht echoes Janet Snoyer's advice that getting into medical school requires a different kind of finesse than the business job market. Here's how to tailor your resume so it screams future doctor, not day trader.

Watch the conversation below:

Key Takeaways to Doctor Up Your Resume:

  • Avoid Generic Advice: Ditch the standard internet advice on resumes. What works for a corporate job doesn't necessarily make sense for medical school applications. Be wary of over-categorizing or sticking strictly to chronological or reverse chronological order.
  • Highlight Your Strengths Creatively: Instead of squeezing everything into one bland category, organize your resume by themes or strengths that showcase your medical journey. Think patient care, research, and leadership, rather than just dates and duties.

Wrapping Up With a Prescription for Success:

Let's not mix up the dress codes—your medical school application is more lab coat than suit jacket. By focusing on what truly matters for your medical career, your resume can reflect your readiness to take on medical school, not mergers and acquisitions. Give it the personal touch it needs to stand out in a pile of more traditional applications. After all, the only bears and bulls you should be dealing with are on a pediatric rotation!

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- Rob

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Rob Humbracht is founder and CEO of Passport Admissions and lead author of The Savvy PreMed. He is also CEO at ReelDx and Co-founder of HEAL Clinical Education Network. FOLLOW HIM ON LINKEDIN.