Are You Ready to Apply to Medical or Graduate School?

Ryan Kelly

“Slow down, you crazy child.”

The famous opening line of Billy Joel’s song “Vienna” often rings in my mind during my initial meetings with students who want to apply to medical and graduate programs.

I don’t say that to be condescending or accuse them of naïveté. I say it out of tough love. Because the fact of the matter is that a large portion of them are simply not ready to apply, no matter how headstrong they may feel about their plan.

They may feel headstrong because they’re being pressured by parents, teachers, or mentors to apply now. Or maybe they have been comparing themselves to friends and classmates, fearing that they’re falling behind the curve. Or maybe they just have a bit too much ego or self-pride.

I work in admissions consulting, so my job depends on students applying, and even still, I regularly find myself having to convince students to postpone their applications.

Why? It’s because the application process is more involved and challenging than most realize. And as a result, many students pre-maturely apply, which often leads to lost money, time, and self-confidence in the form of rejection letters.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to create a 10-question quiz to help you objectively perform a self-assessment about your readiness and preparation.

I’ve tried to make the quiz as comprehensive as possible, covering the various healthcare professions as well as disciplines like business and law. Hopefully its takeaways will be applicable to any aspiring graduate school applicant.

- Ryan

Ready to find out if you’re ready? Let’s go: