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Your team of experts will help you discover your strengths, put your best foot forward in your essays, and get in to the best possible medical school for you.

We are proud admissions geeks. We've worked intensely with 300 pre-meds and counting. We know the most common application mistakes pre-meds make and the strategies that work best to help them get in.  

We regularly speak at med school conferences, and we even write a blog entirely devoted to medical school admissions.

89% of Our Students are Accepted to US MD School

The chart on the right shows the percentage of applicants who get into an MD school (42%), an MD or DO school (50%) and Passport's success rate of 89% (who got into an MD school in the United States).  We only work with students that we believe can achieve their dreams, so it's not a huge surprise that they are able to get in at such an exceptional rate.  But we also know the tips and tricks of the application process, and we're able to help our students learn to articulate what makes them unique as applicants, to help them get in above and beyond where their stats may predict.


How Admissions Advising Works For You

Key Benefits

  • Lower your stress.

  • Apply with confidence.

  • Improve your writing and interviewing skills.

  • Get into the best possible medical school for you.

Passport’s 7-Step Application Process

Passport has a proven 7-step application process that has worked for 300 pre-meds and counting since 2007. 


What Are My Chances? 

Our first step is an introductory meeting to help you figure out where you have a chance of getting in. We'll talk about your goals, your stats, and your questions about your application. We'll also see where you may need help and whether we might be a good fit to work together. Meet with us today

Strategy Session and Timeline

The next step of working together is to figure out your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant. What questions will a medical school committee have about you? How might we answer those questions and accentuate your strengths in your personal statement? What experiences should you talk about in your personal statement, and what strategies should we pursue in your application process?

The timeline then lays out everything you have to do (86 things, by our count) to get into medical school.  It's a long list, but we will help you make a plan for everything that comes your way.

School Selection

We move beyond just GPA and MCAT to find which medical schools uniquely fit what you're looking for.  Just hoping to get in somewhere? Not sure what makes one med school different from the next? We can help you come up with a personalized answer to those questions.

After that, our founder - medical school admissions nerd, Rob Humbracht - will help you choose a list of schools that fit you well and provide a spreadsheet full of useful information to help you convey to each school on your list why it's a good fit for you.

Personal Check-Ins

As the weeks pass by, we will check in to see how the progress is going and make sure your questions are answered. You'll have the personal email and cell phone of your advisor and editor to get your questions answered.

This personal touch is where Passport distinguishes itself from other medical school advising companies.  You're not just a number; you're part of the Passport family. You're not working with someone anonymous; you're working with your personal team of experts.

Essays - From Start to Finish

The essays are probably the most difficult part of the application process for most pre-meds. It starts with the personal statement - a one-page essay designed to answer "Why Medicine" - but continues with the other essays in the primary application, the Most Meaningful Essays, and the Work/Activities section. We will help you brainstorm, outline, and revise each of those essays so that your entire application shines.

We also help from start to finish on the secondary essays. If you apply to 20 schools, you will write 40 to 50 pages of secondary essays. Most companies only help you with one page of secondary essays. One page! Out of 40! We help with a lot more, because we know that the battle for getting in doesn't stop at your primary.

Mock Admissions Committee

As you put the final touches on your application, the anxiety builds. Do I use this word or that? Am I really ready to submit? How do I know that I've put my best foot forward?

We've found the best way to make sure students are 100% ready to submit is to have a mock admissions committee, led by the most senior member of our staff - Passport founder, Rob Humbracht. He will read every word of your primary to make sure it represents you well so that you can submit with confidence.

Interview Prep

After your secondaries are in, interview season begins. Our former students have said that their first interview was the hardest, so we help make sure that you are 100% ready for the first one. That starts with a full-on education program (multiple articles and videos) to make sure that you know what to expect on interview day. Then, we pair you with a different advisor - someone you've never met - to do your interview preparation and mock interviews. The feeling of our mock interviews closely mimics interview day, whether that's a traditional interview or the MMI.


Meet Our Med School Advisors

Student Testimonials


We realize that not everyone can afford our services, so each year we grant need-based scholarships to ambitious students who have demonstrated the ability to succeed in college, graduate school, or medical school. 

The winner(s) of each scholarship will receive an advising package tailored to their needs:

  • Meetings with an expert advisor to figure out where to apply and how to make you stand out

  • Meetings with a personal editor to brainstorm and edit your application essays

  • Additional resources we give to our students throughout the application process

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and each application is reviewed individually. Click to Apply For A Scholarship.

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