Grad School Services

Apply Once. Apply Well. Get In.

Your team of experts will help you discover the strengths in your application, put your best foot forward in your essays, and get in to the best possible graduate school for you.  

While we specialize in medical school admissions, Passport Admission has helped students apply to graduate schools of all types, including:

  • Business school
  • Law school
  • PA school
  • Dental school
  • Pharmacy school
  • Master's in Public Health
  • Master's in Urban Planning
  • Master's in Education
  • Master's in Public Policy
  • Special Master's programs (SMP's)
  • Post-bacc programs (not technically grad school)

How Advising Works:

Key Benefits:

  • Lower your stress.
  • Apply with confidence.
  • Improve your writing and interviewing skills.
  • Get into the best possible grad school for you.

What Students Say About Working with us for Grad School:

Meet Our Grad School Advisors:

Lyn Jutronich

Business & Law School

Lyn has lived in San Diego since 1996, but grew up back east, mostly in Illinois and Pennsylvania. A Yale graduate, Lyn studied Psychology and Biology in college, but realized during a summer of research before her senior year that her original plan of research science was not for her. Instead, Lyn used her writing and editing experience from several college publications to get jobs at The Atlantic Monthly and then Adweek after college in New York City, but then decided to move to the Left Coast in search of nicer weather.... Read More