Asmita Gathoo

Asmita Gathoo

B.S. Emory University
Medical School

Wanderlust does not have to be aimless, and Asmita Gathoo is a prime example. Born in India, raised in the Bay Area (go Dubs!), and educated in Atlanta with a gap year in Houston, Asmita loves experiencing as many worlds as she can and internalizing their lessons.

Asmita received her degree from Emory University, where she studied neuroscience and sociology. She’s wanted to be a doctor since she was old enough to hold a play stethoscope, and she’s psyched that her dreams are finally being realized as part of the MD class of 2024.

Her travels and activities have resulted in an appreciation for eccentric food, an interest in sociology, and a drive to gain meaningful glance into worlds she doesn’t inhabit. Whether it be a year spent as a foster parent, a semester volunteering at a women’s prison, an immersive service trip with the homeless, or hiking the Andes while staying with indigenous groups in Ecuador, she has broadened her ability to empathize and relate to diverse people.

In her spare time, she watches basketball, devours rom-coms and medical dramas, and gets her intellectual fix from books about the food industry and post-Reconstruction historical fiction.

She's honored and excited to be a part of the advisor team at Passport, where hopefully her misadventures as a hapless pre-med will serve as a resource for the next generation of doctors.