Kelly- Medical Student

Rob, Ryan, and Alison were essential to my acceptance into medical school. Although my father is a physician, he is a foreign graduate and had no idea how to help me during the application process.  My GPA was above average, and although my MCAT was above average, it was heavily skewed, making it a weak spot in my application. After a quick look at my stats, Rob was able to help me develop “my package.” He took all of my volunteer, work, and extracurriculars and helped me develop the best possible angle from which to present myself. Ryan subsequently helped me with every last bit of writing. Everything that was sent to the AMCAS and the schools was perfectly polished. The process even helped me elevate my personal standard of writing. When interviews came around Alison helped prepare me to answer the difficult questions; she demanded that I be well read and well researched upon entering an interview.

I ended up receiving 9 interview invites. I attended 7 of them and was accepted to 5 of those schools. In the beginning of the process, it was a non-negotiable for me to attend a California medical school. Rob was gracious and did the very best he could to help me look at other options. “Just in case” he helped me choose other options that seemed to fit me best. Although I didn’t get into a California school, I am presently preparing for orientation at the University of Miami-Miller (whose average stats are actually higher than mine). Never did I think that this school would be my number one choice, but in the end it was. I am eternally grateful for everything that the staff at Passport Admissions has done for me. They gave me the confidence I desperately needed while applying to medical school. 


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