Lyn Jutronich

Lyn has lived in San Diego since 1996, but grew up back east, mostly in Illinois and Pennsylvania. A Yale graduate, Lyn studied Psychology and Biology in college, but realized during a summer of research before her senior year that her original plan of research science was not for her. Instead, Lyn used her writing and editing experience from several college publications to get jobs at The Atlantic Monthly and then Adweek after college in New York City, but then decided to move to the Left Coast in search of nicer weather and not so many cockroaches. She tutored full-time for a family in Rancho Santa Fe for a few years, and then started with The Princeton Review as an Assistant Director in 1999. After 12 and a half years with Princeton Review, the last three spent as Regional Vice President of the West Coast, Lyn has decided to take a break from full-time work to spend more time with her family. Lyn loves working at Passport because she can continue to work with students to help them navigate the increasingly competitive and difficult college admissions process.

Lyn resides in Solana Beach and has three young children: Dougie, Jason, and Sabrina. Her husband is a contractor, and Lyn also helps run his concrete resurfacing business. The entire family enjoys hanging out at the beach and going to Legoland. Lyn is a rough-water ocean swimmer in her (very little) spare time, and also volunteers for Yale as a local alumni interviewer and representative at local college admissions events. If you want to get on her good side, try offering her any sort of cheese product from Easy Cheese on up to fancy Brie or Gouda.