Graduate School Custom Package

Work with Passport on the most critical areas of your graduate school application. 

Advisor Services Cost Hours Description
Strategy Session* $200 1 A personalized list of strategies for all parts of your application, everything from what to write about to where you’re most likely to get in
School Selection $300 1.5 A 1-hour meeting and 30 minutes of research to create personalized school list for you (note: only available for certain programs)
Timeline $200 1 A “how to” for all parts of the application - set due dates for what you need to accomplish and by when
Letters of Rec $200 1 A 1-hour meeting to discuss whom to ask, how to ask, and what to do about difficult letters
Advisor + Editor Services Cost Hours Description
Personal Statement and Resume $950 7 A set of 6 hours with an editor and 2 second opinions with an advisor for help with your personal statement, work/activities section (resume), and cover letter
Editor Services Cost Hours Description
General editing 4-pack $500 4 A set of 4 hours with an editor for help with any additional written portion of the applications
Other Services Cost Hours Description
Interview 3-pack $600 3 A set of 3 meetings with an interview expert, including 2 mock interviews and personalized strategies to implement

*A strategy session is required to work with us for every program except interview prep. $1000 minimum on all Custom Packages, and payment may be split over 2 months.  Payment may only be made by Visa, MC, Discover, or Amex.