Ace the Multiple Mini Interview (ONLINE)


Sunday, September 10, 2017, 3:00 - 4:30PM



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Rob Humbracht, President, Passport Admissions


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The Multiple Mini Interview

is the newest interview format used increasingly by California medical schools. Comprised of 8-10 stations of about 5 minutes each, applicants are asked to do a variety of unusual tasks as part of their interview.

We will cover:

  • small-group practice for sample MMI scenarios
  • Strategies to succeed at the MMI
  • the typical set up of MMI interviews
  • what to work on leading up to your MMI interview

Please note: we will not reveal any confidential information used by medical schools that employ the MMI format; rather, we will use "spin-off" scenarios that mimic what you will face on interview day. We understand that medical schools ask applicants to keep the MMI stations confidential, so we believe that our spin-offs should be an excellent way to practice in an ethical way for the MMI interviews.