Ben Yang

  • Advisor for students applying to medical school. 
  • Attending: Undecided. Accepted: University of Chicago School of Medicine

Ben is a Californian, through and through. Plucked from his hometown of Cupertino, Ben has spent the last four years in San Diego acclimating to the beautiful weather and fearing the day that he will have to experience a “real” winter. You can make fun of him for his lack of temperature tolerance all you want, but know that he’ll have the last laugh, sipping on a cold beverage on the beach in February.

As a student at UC San Diego, Ben studied bioengineering with grand plans to design the next breakthrough medical device. He turned to medicine after realizing how slow biotech could be. One of Ben’s passions is teaching – for the past three years, he spent his weeknights buried in the pre-medical student’s favorite subject: organic chemistry. Ben found that he - gasp! - enjoyed organic chemistry, and became a teaching assistant shortly after.  

In his free time, you can find Ben stuffing his face at the local taquerias, exploring San Diego’s excellent craft beer industry, or trying very hard to burn off the calories from the previous two activities. He enjoys travelling, hiking, photography, reading non-fiction, and playing the guitar. Since graduating summa cum laude with his B.S. in Bioengineering, Ben has made it his mission to help aspiring doctors take the next big step towards their dream jobs.